Interested in opening an account with Vermeer Rocky Mountain?  We offer 30 day net term for approved accounts.  Complete a New Account Application to open your account today.  Applications should be emailed to accounting@vermeermt.com or faxed to (406) 656-3306.  Applications must be completed in full or incomplete applications will be denied and returned to the customer for needed corrections.  Response time is based on the credit limit and the response of your provided trade references. 

  • Want to go paperless?  Email accounting@vermeermt.com your customer account number and submission email address to receive all invoices and statements electronically.

  • Rental Insurance Requirements:  For rentals, customers are required to provide proof of insurance listing Vermeer Rocky Mountain as a certificate holder as well as a loss payee and additional insured.

  • Job Information Sheet:  For rentals exceeding $10,000, a pre-lien will be required. 












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